Friday, December 15, 2017

December 15th

2011: cold and a walk around Lake Waban where I saw a bird's nest.
2012: no outside drawings
2013: lots of snow and views of the river, island and the park. I must have gone back to the river in the afternoon because I noted the position of the moon and Venus.
2014: nothing
2015: a view of the island and a memorable drawing (for me) of a crabapple tree. No snow.
2016: one drawing of a rotting tree trunk and ducks in a dark pool.
2017: nope. Too cold. I did go for a walk around the lake. I heard noisy swans beating the air with their strong wings and a flock of hooded mergansers making interesting frog-like chatter out in the middle of the lake.
Here they are in order:
(wrong date on picture)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Why trees don't fly

Blackbird flock
ink, wash, crayon
I'm happy drawing things that are very far away. It forces a selective brevity. Also, the restlessness of the birds forces me to only fuss about their essence and not their superficial presentation. How they contrast with the solid and overlapping trees!

Trees are content (for the most part) being trees. But when a flock of blackbirds lazily slides overhead, the trees pull at their roots and try to hitch a ride. They have to content themselves with being the solid and stable ones in this relationship --as ordained by the Creator. The trees will bear nests and the marvelous talons of resting birds. This is why trees do not fly.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Quelques arbres ...

ink, charcoal
charcoal, ink
charcoal, ink
ink wash, charcoal

Friday, November 10, 2017

Being Graphic

Below are three drawings from the past week that only share one trait: they have a more "graphic" quality than drawings that are descriptive. Graphic work is often characterized by contrast, rhythmic mark-making or tight cropping of the subject. I'm sure we could come up with more signifiers. I tend to be more graphic when I draw from Nature. It's more interesting to me. Also, I'm usually working on black and white or very limited color. If I were working in full color, some other approach would emerge. So, maybe I should do that… work in full color.
Pine Tree
Great Blue Heron
paint stick, ink
ink, charcoal

Friday, November 3, 2017


I've been stalking this fellow this past week. He's very reliable. The water is high so he tucks himself in the eddies near the base of the dam and catches a few fish. The last fish he carries to a quieter pool to digest peacefully. This is where I found him today. Soon, he'd had enough of me and wheeled over the bridge and alighted on the driftwood tree downstream of the bridge.
We'll see how long he lasts. He's young so we'll see.


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